Rectangular galvanised modular from 1 to 4 modules: capacities 293 to 2034 litres available in powder coated finishes and with various options
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Round tanks from 450 litres to 22500 litres, available in galvanised or Aquaplate®
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Round Tank 8 Flute Size List
Round Tank 10.5 Flute Size List

Oval Slim Line tanks from 1000 to 7000 litres, available in galvanised or Aquaplate

**New Square End Slim Line Tanks Now Available**
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Raised Garden Beds
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General Information

Some confusion exists with government requirements in respect to Detention and Retention tanks, a detention tank holds no water its purpose is to slow the feed of storm water from the roof into the drain, without holding(retaining any ) A retention tank holds water like a normal water tank (storage). A tank can be a combination of both i.e. a 2000 litre tank may hold 1000 litres usable and have the other 1000 litres as a bleed off to the storm water drain thus it is a detention/retention tank in one unit.

Remember water is heavy, 1kg per litre a standard 1000litre tank weighs over a metric ton, consider this when positioning tanks or stands ensure base is capable of supporting the tank when full.

Try to avoid timber as a base support distances are such as to remain damp (50mm between) this is important with galvanized material, use two ply malthoid to exclude moisture between tank base and supporting surface.

Never use permapine in contact with any galvanized steel

Always connect a pipe to the over flow outlet and run water away from the tank base.

If using dolimite to set level base, ensure material is retained and cannot be washed from under base during heavy rainfall.

When deciding on tank size mark out dimensions on ground, and look at roof catchment keeping in mind 1mm of rainfall = 1 litre of water per square metre of collection area.

Consider how you will use your rainwater; you can capture many thousands of litres from a small capacity tank by simply using the water and capturing more from each rain. Remember once full every drop in is down the drain, use it!
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