Do's & Dont's

  • Do ensure the base is capable of supporting your tank
  • Don’t shortcut the base think of it as you would the foundation of your house.
  • Don’t block or change over flow, connect and run away from base of tank.
  • Do use 8 wraps of thread tape on fittings and hand tighten only
  • Don’t use spanners when fitting taps or valves into compression fittings
  • Do apply thread tape in correct direction on thread anti clockwise when held against tank fitting.
  • Don’t attempt to seal the tank lid- it is not a pressure vessel.
  • Don’t allow Overflows or discharge pipes from roof mounted evaporative air conditioners or hot water systems to discharge onto the roof catchment area
Don’t hesitate to call us if unsure of any aspect of your installation.

Where to buy

Our products are available at most leading hardware retailers, and tank specialists, some factory seconds may be available direct from factory, please use our contact page and we will provide your nearest outlet.